Pasta chefs and descendants of the 1895 migration.

The Sunnyside Plantation was a cotton plantation near Lake Village in Chicot County, Arkansas, in the Arkansas Delta region. Built as a cotton plantation in the Antebellum South, by 1886, it was acquired by New York banker Austin Corbin as repayment of debt incurred by Calhoun.

In 1895 Austin Corbin, a New York banker and land developer, working with immigration officials, brought 100 families from north central Italy to grow cotton at Sunnyside, a plantation located between the Mississippi river and lake Chicot.

These Italians struggled against exploitation, prejudice and language barriers, and many died of malaria and other lowland diseases.

Today over 1,000,000 American-Italians can claim a connection to Sunnyside Plantation.

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L'albero si raddrizza quando è piccolo.
A tree can be straightened when it is youngItalian