Telexa – the digital assistant with an Italian flare


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Google tried it, Amazon tried it, Apple tried it. But Italy has the smartest digital assistant,Terexa.

Terexa learns all your habits and needs.

Terexa: Tell me what you need.
Alex: Terexa, you need to tenderize the octopus.
Terexa: I have already done it.
Alex: It needs to be very tender.
Terexa: For sure. Ouch! … Ouch!
Alex: Terexa, spam call.
Terexa: Hello. Who is calling?
Spammer:Do you need a loan?
Terexa: I am a kid.
Spammer:May I speak to your mother.
Terexa:She ran away with the plumber.
Spammer:Do you live alone?
Terexa:I live with my dog.
Spammer:Is the phone yours?
Terexa:F*** you!
Terexa:What do you want?
Alex:Terexa, reserve a parking spot for me, while I am driving around the block. Make sure that no one takes it.
Terexa:I’ll take care of it… Hey you, the parking spot is already taken. My cousin is driving around. What do think that I am doing here? Sun bating? Move on, move on …
Alex:I am making a cup of coffee for you… Terexa, I ate some beans and … I have indigestion.
Alex:Make sure to cover me up.
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