St. Stephen’s Day in Italy

Santo Stefano

St. Stephen’s Day is celebrate on December 26 on the day after Christmas: St. Stephen was indeed an Apostle who was given the task of collecting donations for the poor. It used to be honoured with two days of holidays (the second, in August, was removed from the Roman Calendar in 1960). God worked many miracls through St Stephen because he was able to speak with wisdom and grace, which pushed many to become Jesus’ followers.

Along with Christmas Day, Santo Stefano is a national holiday in Italy. Italians use to spend the day with family, usually enjoying a day out: while many attractions, shops, and restaurants are usually close on December 25th, most of them are open on December 26. Some remain closed, including the Vatican Museums.

What people like to do is to visit to the Nativity scenes displayed in many Italian towns, like in Matera, where the biggest Nativity scene is set.

In Sicily, the living nativity close to Ragusa is so popular that attracts every year thousands of visitors.

Source: L’Italo-Americano

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