Saint Nicolas (San Nicola) Feast Day

San Nicola Basilica - Bari

San Nicola Basilica - Bari
San Nicola Basilica in Bari – Copyright (c) 1998 Hewlett-Packard Company

When sailors from Bari saved the relics of Saint Nicholas from his resting place in Muslim controlled Myra in 1087, they began a tradition which, in 2012, celebrates its 925th anniversary: the Festa di San Nicola.


This Christian festivity is celebrated December 6 in many other places, like in the Abruzzo region where traditional loaves of bread and taralli (hard, round biscuits) often enjoyed with wine.

Gran Sasso – photo by Marco Equiz/Getty Images

Saint Nicholas is known as the bringer of gifts, and grandfathers dress up as the Saint to give gifts (or “coal”) to children.

Murano Island in Venice holds a week-long celebration for San Nicolo, the patron saint of glass blowers complete with a procession on the water December 6.

Murano – photo by Didier Marti/Getty Images

Elsewhere, in the village of Val di Fassa on December 5 and 6, San Nicolò, the protector of children, along with two angels and Krampus, will hand out gifts after making sure each child has been nice the previous year.

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