Restoration of Historic Saint Paul Catholic Church, Bayou Goula, Louisiana

 Click photo to enlarge.      A group of dedicated and energetic citizens have saved this historic significant church in Louisiana.  Now they are progressing in its restoration. Your support is needed either in-kind or financial. Saint Paul Catholic Church is up the Mississippi River from New Orleans and downriver from Baton Rouge.  It provided much comfort and help to many Italian immigrants in the 1800s and early 1900s.  Many immigrants were not allowed to land in New Orleans in the late 1800s due to the yellow fever epidemic.  They disembarked at Bayou Goula.  From Bayou Goula the immigrants eventually went to New Orleans, other parts of Louisiana, and established “colonies” in Arkansas, Colorado, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Texas.  Our ancestors were grateful for St. Paul Church.  I plan on making my own modest donation.  Many people can make a difference by donating even if only by sending a check for $10 to FRIENDS OF ST. PAUL CHURCH, INC., PO BOX 1481, Plaquemine, Louisiana 70764.  What a good feeling this would bring as appreciation of our Italian Ancestors and their sacrifices for us.  For information Click  Cover Letter for St Paul Catholic Church, Bayou Goula, LouisianaDonation Letter for St Paul Catholic Church, Bayou Goula, Louisiana    Restoration Project Overview for St Paul Catholic Church, Bayou Goula, Louisiana        Phase One of the Restoration Plan-Purchase, Stabilization, Protection and Phase Two-Roof Damage Repairs have been completed.  Your gift will be used to continue with Phase Three-Raise the Steeple.

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