Aftermath of a massacre, Labin, December 1943
Aftermath of a massacre (Labin, December 1943)
Source: ANPI – Roma – Italian National Partisans Association

February 10th is the Day of Remembrance in Italy.

The purpose of the Day of Remembrance is to preserve and renew “the memory of the tragedy of the Italians and of all the victims of the sinkholes, the exodus of the Istrians, the Rijeks and the Dalmatians Italians from their lands during the Second World War and in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War (1943-1945), and of the more complex story of the eastern border” .

Remembrance day: what it is and why it is celebrated on February 10th

Foibe massacres

Foibe seats
Foibe locations – Source: wikipedia

Italian phrase of the day
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