Pompeii Walking Tour

Pompeii Street

Part 1 (18 min) – You will start at the main tourist entrance of Pompeii. You’ll then walk through the famous Marine Gate and into the Forum. Here you will see the Eumachia, what was once the largest structure in the Forum. Next you will walk into the Temple of Genius Augusti (Temple of Vespasian) and see a marble altar at the center of the courtyard. Finally you will walk through the Macellum, the original marketplace of the Forum.


Part 2 (22 min) – You will see more of the Forum including the granary where many artifacts are stored. You will also see the oldest public building in Pompeii, the Basilica. Next you will walk through one of the most popular attractions at Pompeii, the brothel Lupanar, where you will see erotic paintings and the original beds. Finally you will walk back to the Forum and end at the Temple of Jupiter (The Capitol).


Part 3 (23 min) – You will see the Forum Baths including the apodyterium, the tepidarium, the calidarium, and the frigidarium. Next you’ll several body plaster casts inside the largest house of Pompeii, the House of M. Fabius Rufus. Next you will see the Herculaneum Gate. Finally you will walk Via di Mercurio.


Part 4 (21 min) – Start on the Via di Mercurio. You’ll soon arrive at the House of the Small Fountain(Casa dell Fontana Piccola) where you will see the recently restored garden fountain and bronze statue of a fisherman. You’ll then continue to the largest and most famous house in all Pompeii, the House of the Faun (Casa del Fauno). A dancing faun was found inside the house when it was first excavated back in 1831. Inside you will see beautiful floor mosaics, two indoor gardens called peristyles, and the famous dancing faun. Moments later you will be inside another luxurious residence called the House of the Vettii, named for its owners, Aulus Vettius Conviva and Aulus Vettius Restitutus. Inside you will see several beautifully painted frescoes, an ancient safe and a unique fountain statue of Priapus, the god of fertility, marked by his over sized permanent erection. Finally you will walk down Vico dei Vettii to the Castellum Aquae, the ancient cistern that supplied Pompeii with its fresh water. The walk ends after going through the Vesuvius gate and walking around the necropolis.


Part 5 (20 min) – Learn how the people of Pompeii got their water, walk their streets, and see their shops. In this virtual walk you will start on Via del Vesuvio and walk south towards Via di Nola. You’ll then walk towards the Nola Gate, twist and turn through some side streets, walk through the House of the Bear and end at the cross section of Via degli Augustali and Vicolo Storto.


Part 6 (23 min) – You will see: the Bakery of Popidius Priscus which includes several mills and an oven; Via della Fortuna; Via Stabiana; the House of Marcus Lucretius; the House of Siricus; the first body casts made in Pompeii by Giuseppe Fiorelli; Bakery; the Holconius Crossroads; Via dell’Abbondanza; The Stabian Baths; The apodyterium (men’s changing room); The frigidarium (cold room); The tepidarium (warm room); The caldarium (hot room); The Palaestra (exercise yard); The Women’s bath; The apodyterium; The tepidarium; The caldarium; Body cast; Via dell’Abbondanza.