Did you know that Dr. Jill Biden, the new first lady, has Italian origins?

Dr. Jill Biden was born in Hammonton, N.J.. She is the granddaughter of Italian immigrant Gaetano Giacoppa, whose surname was anglicized to “Jacobs” upon his arrival to Ellis Island. He supported his family as a deliveryman in New Jersey. His son, Dr. Biden’s father Donald, began his career as a bank teller before becoming the head of a savings and loan institution in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. Donald moved his family to Willow Grove, Pa., where Dr. Biden and her four younger sisters spent the majority of their childhoods. https://www.patrimonioitalianotv.com/united-states-niaf-dr-jill-biden-to-become-first-italian-american-first-lady-in-nations-history/