Italy is under lockdown as coronavirus cases surge. Our hearts are with them. How are Italians coping?

Dogs are allowed outside and they are showing entrepreneurship
€ 15 for a walk around the building
€ 7 for a quick nature call
€ 25 for a 1-hour walk
Italy is 11.5 Days ahead of US with Coronavirus-19 and has a better healthcare system than US.
On the anniversary of the 1891 New Orleans lynchings listen to Charles Marsala’s interview with Umberto Mucci.

Coronavirus COVID-19: “Made in China” or “Made in America”?
by Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Click here for worldwide statistics on the coronavirus provided by a 17-year-old in Seattle.

Pasquale Ambrosio sings to the tune of Tu Vuo’ Fa’ L’Americano
Pretending to be on a plane for a 2-week vacation, while sheltering at home.

Italy’s Coronavirus Victims Face Death Alone, With Funerals Postponed.

Italian phrase of the day
vaffanculof*** off!Italian slang