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The Albanians (Arberesh) of New Orleans

As published on the Contessa Entellina Society website

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Food General New Orleans

New Orleans must-eat checklist

Central Grocery muffuletta
Bevi Peacemaker
Bevi Seafood Co. Peacemaker po’boy
Dragos Oysters
Drago’s Seafood Restaurant charbroiled oysters
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Immigrants Jazz New Orleans

Louis Prima: The King of Swing from Little Palermo

Louis Prima
Promotional portrait of Louis Prima in the 1950s. Photos courtesy of the New Orleans Jazz Museum

Lena Prima remembers her father and carries on his music and proud ethnic heritage, along with starting a non-profit organization Ciao Women, which recognizes Italian American women from Louisiana.

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Hate Crimes Immigrants Lynching Media New Orleans


From Basil Russo’s email:

The Italian-American community had great success with respect to the New Orleans proclamation.

However, since several of the Italian-American organizations forwarded emails to The New York Times requesting an apology for its editorial supporting the New Orleans lynchings, The Times editorial department has arrogantly refused to discuss the issue with us.

 As a result, we are moving up the ladder and forwarding letters from all of our major organizations to The Times’ executive editor, publisher and its legal counsel.

We are also redoubling our efforts on our websites to encourage our members to forward emails demanding an apology.  All Italian-American organizations should be forwarding their letters to Mike Santo, who will serve as our point person with The Times.  Mike successfully initiated the effort to obtain the proclamation of apology from the city of New Orleans.

Below is a copy of the letter submitted by the ISDA. If you haven’t individually sent an short email to The New Times demanding an apology, please do so.

We need to win this battle.

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Food Louisiana New Orleans

The New Orleans Italian Cookbook

By the non-profit Italian-American Society of Jefferson Auxiliary.

World renown cuisine of the Italian Culture of New Orleans.  A collection of some of the ancestors favorite recipes.  How can you put a price on this effort that would be so difficult for you to duplicate?

New Orleans Italian Cookbook