“I ask you, Saint Expedite, to aid me in my financial difficulties. Let your strength and support protect my income and help me obtain enough money so that I will not suffer need and want.
Please let peace and enjoyment reign in my household. I ask you and pray that my wishes be granted, and glorify your intercession. Amen”

Prayer to Saint Expedite

Christian crosses

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the Holy Week.

Perdoni - Members of the Arciconfraternita del Carmine, Taranto, with their white robes, capes and hoods

While Italy is under lockdown, Easter traditions are kept alive.

Bova, Calabria

Bova is a comune in the Province of Reggio Calabria in the Italian region Calabria, located about southwest of Catanzaro and about southeast of Reggio. It is one of the Greek-Bovesian speaking villages of Bovesia, one of the two Griko-speaking areas of southern Italy. The village is inscribed into I Borghi più belli d’Italia list.

procida - Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie

Procida is a beautiful island in Campania, the blue of its sea melting into a sky of tranquility. Known and loved by the Greeks of Cumae, who at the time of Magna Graecia, made of it a new home for themselves. Then the Roman came and, in the Middle Ages, the Lombards and the Normans, even some incursion of the Moor.

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