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  • The Advocate: Cantrell to apologize for lynching of New Orleans Italians; but list of atrocities is much longer

    Police Chief Hennessy

    Police Chief David Hennessy’s murder sparked a massacre of Italians who were charged in the crime but whose cases ended in acquittal or mistrial.

  • April 12 – New Orleans Mayor to apologize for the 1891 lynching of 11 Italian Americans

    1891 lynching of 11 Siclians

    This photograph, taken Jan. 30, 2016 and provided by AWE News, shows a copy of a March 14, 1891, newspaper advertisement as shown in the Musee Conti Wax Museum exhibit about the lynching of 11 Italian immigrants, three of whom had been acquitted a day earlier in the murder of the city’s police chief. The mayor of New Orleans plans an apology to Italian-Americans for what’s considered the nation’s largest lynching _ violence in which 11 Italian immigrants were killed after acquittals in a police chief’s murder. “This has been a longstanding wound,” said Michael Santo of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy. The lynching in 1891 and responses to it prompted Italy to close its U.S. embassy, followed by a reciprocal U.S. embassy closing, he said. (AWE News via AP).

  • Archimedes in Syracuse


    “Give me a place to stand and I’ll move the Earth.” Archimedes’ boast became a fundamental principle of mechanics that states that a great weight can be moved by a small force using levers and other means.

  • In Turi, Apulia, to trace the history of oil and oil mills

    ulivo secolare in puglia

    Translated from Giunio Moderato Columella, who died in Taranto of the Roman Apulia, in 60 AD and one of the great agronomists of the time, recited: “Olea prima omnium arborum est”: among all the trees, the first place belongs to the olive tree. According to the historian Pliny, the Italian peninsula had excellent olive […]