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  • Etna: The Mountain Where Grape Vines and Olive Trees Thrive

    Etna eruption

    Farming and food on one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

  • The Forever Enchanting Carretti Siciliani

    Carretto siciliano

    The history of the carretto is very old and long. It started as a means of transportations. Whoever owned a carretto was considered wealthy, because there wasn’t only the price of the cart in itself to think about, but also that of maintaining and feeding the donkey that pulled it. The more the carretto was decorated, the richer the family.

  • Archimedes in Syracuse


    “Give me a place to stand and I’ll move the Earth.” Archimedes’ boast became a fundamental principle of mechanics that states that a great weight can be moved by a small force using levers and other means.

  • Easter Traditions in Sicily

    Good Friday Procession - Sicily

    The Easter celebrations of Sicily are numerous, with an endless procession of Holy Week festivities to choose from. Every small town has its Via Crucis which reenacts the final moments of Jesus Christ’s life on Good Friday.

  • Cuccidati o Fig Newton?

    L’iconico Fig Newton è stato uno dei primi prodotti commercialmente cotti in America e il risultato fortuito della fusione di un produttore di biscotti a Philadelphia, un inventore della Florida , e una fusione massiccia di oltre 100 panetterie a New York e Chicago. Allo stesso tempo, e probabilmente per l’umile Fig Newton, la leggendaria […]