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  • Gravina, Puglia – a must-visit antique jewel

    Gravina is an ancient town sitting timelessly beside one of the many karst ravines scoring the landscape on Puglia’s border with Basilicata. Alta Murgia national park, a protected plateau, is nearby.

  • In Turi, Apulia, to trace the history of oil and oil mills

    ulivo secolare in puglia

    Translated from Giunio Moderato Columella, who died in Taranto of the Roman Apulia, in 60 AD and one of the great agronomists of the time, recited: “Olea prima omnium arborum est”: among all the trees, the first place belongs to the olive tree. According to the historian Pliny, the Italian peninsula had excellent olive […]

  • Save Taranto

    Taranto: castello aragonese

    Children in Taranto are dying because of several polluting sources, such as a large steel plant, a refinery, the harbor, and both controlled and illegal waste dumps.