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  • Tarantella – The night of the tarantula dance


    In the Italian province of Taranto, Apulia, the bite of a locally common type of wolf spider, named “tarantula” after the region, was popularly believed to be highly venomous and to lead to a hysterical condition known as tarantism. This became known as the Tarantella.

  • Gli ori di Taranto – a treasure trove in a neglected city

    gondola earring

    Testimony of the wealth of Magna Grecia and the goldsmiths’ skills of the artisans of the Greek polis, the Ori di Taranto are on display at the national archaeological museum of Taranto.

  • Bari: another gem in the south of Italy

    A suggestive view of the old port of Bari

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  • Puglia … The Next Tuscany?


    If you haven’t discovered the magical region of Apulia, Italy’s “heel,” you must, for you will fall ever more deeply in love. Part of the mezzogiorno, ‘land of the midday sun’, Puglia has a pace of life that’s deliciously languid. As for the comparison with Tuscany, it’s like a luscious fragola (strawberry) compared to a juicey arancia rossa (blood orange) … however, Puglia still remains off standard itineraries, allowing for a more unfiltered expereince of la dolce vita.

  • Puglia Little Secret

    San Domenico -Taranto

    Taranto doesn’t even get a mention in many travel guides. It’s a shame as the town has an incredible history, stretching back to the Ancient Greeks, due to its exceptional suitability as a port.