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  • From Columbus to Francesco de Pinedo flying boat

    Francisco de Pinedo

    Francesco de Pinedo was a famous Italian aviator. A Regia Marina (Italy’s Royal Navy) officer who transferred to the Regia Aeronautica (Italy’s Royal Air Force), he was an advocate of the seaplane who is best known for his long-range flying boat flights in the 1920s that demonstrated the feasibility of global air travel.

  • GCIACS toured the Nina & Pinta in Biloxi Mississippi

    Nina & Pinta in Biloxi Mississippi

    Members of the Gulf Coast Italian American Cultural Society tour the Nina & Pinta in Biloxi Mississippi

  • Trump Praises Columbus Day

    There is a growing trend to change Oct. 14, the day traditionally recognized in the United States as Columbus Day, to Indigenous Peoples Day. Today, President Donald Trump said that he’s not on board. “We pay tribute to the Italian explorer who led a voyage of discovery to the new world, a gentleman known as […]

  • In Defense of Columbus

    Christopher Columbus

    The Spanish colonists committed atrocities from greed an racist contempt that nothing can palliate or excuse. But to blame Columbus is a piece of retrospective lynching.