Capodanno – New Year’s Eve Italian Style

Capodanno in Rome

Zampone and Lentils (cotechino e lenticchie) for a real Italian New Year’s eve dinner

(The Italian New Year’s eve dinner is called Cenone)

Considered since the times of the ancient Romans synonymous with prosperity and luck (especially for their similarity to coins), lentils are a must-eat at the table on the occasion of the New Year.

Another must-eat is cotechino. In addition to this pork sausage, prepared with rind, meat of different cuts, bacon, salt and spices, on the tables of the Italians the first day of the new year (but also and especially during New Year’s Eve) it is easy to find his “cousin”, originally from Modena, the zampone. And the pairing with lentils remains almost a must.

Cotechino and lentils, however, is good both as a second course at the lunch of January 1st and as a course to be served during the dinner at midnight, obviously accompanied by a good bit of spumante.

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