American Italian Federation of the Southeast Scholarships

$1,000 Scholarship Award to high school senior or college student. Applicant must be a member, child or the legal ward or direct descendant of a AIFEDSE organization member. Application deadline February 18, 2014. Click Scholarships American Italian Federation – For Members——Raffle winner was Luca Piero Alessandrini on February 23, 2014 at the AIFEDSE meeting.

$1,000 Scholarship Award to an Opera student of Italian descent at Loyola University, New Orleans in January 2014, with Dean Boomgaarden of the Music School making the selection.  Awarded to Lisa Cossentino – Miller  Also  See Letter from Lisa

$1,000 Scholarship Award to high school student academic athlete of Italian descent at the Louisiana American Italian Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet in January 2014 with the selection being made by the American Italian Renaissance Foundation committee. Phone American Italian Cultural Center 504-522-7294 for application form.  Deadline to submit is in October 2013.  Awarded to Luca Piero Alessandrini

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