From ancient times many people came to live in Sicily with the native Sicilians or tried to conquer Sicily because it was a beautiful country with a nice climate especially for agriculture. Throughout its long history Sicilians did not leave Sicily.
That is until after the Italian Unification which Sicilians contributed so much to.
When Giuseppe Garibaldi began to implement the dream of Unification of Italy as it was for many centuries during the Roman empire, he first landed in Sicily with one thousand volunteers.
He was joined by twenty thousand Sicilian volunteers and proceeded with this army and others that joined in to successfully unify the various Italian city-states and republics.
Then after Unification many Sicilians started leaving Sicily for the first time in history. We know that many of these immigrants with their strong work ethic became small business owners and landowners within ten years of arriving in America with nothing except clothes.
We know many immigrants lived to see grandchildren and even children graduate from universities.
This Essay may help us understand why leaving Sicily happened.
It is not possible to understand how the Italian government did not foresee how its policies could lead to such a huge migration of important working citizens.

The Essay is written in English and Sicilian language.

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Victor P. Musso